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Virtual Tours & Marketing

According to surveys recently carried out, the primary factor which will decide whether or not potential clients will book a hotel, venue or other space is not its price, star rating or branding. If this is the case, what is important then? The answer to this is, of course, the visuals of the building!


  • Visuals 70%

  • Price 25%

  • Other 5%


If you haven’t heard much about virtual tours, then take a look at our frequently asked questions. Just click on the question to view the answer:

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a 360° panorama of a venue or location. Imagine standing in the middle of a room and turning a full 360° – that’s what it’s like to view a virtual tour. These tours allow website visitors to view an entire room or location, almost as if they were physically there!

The tours can play automatically, or users can simply use arrow keys to move around. They are also able to zoom in and out!

A virtual tour is created by using professional software to merge photographs. This means that a tour can be created using HDR photography – something we offer as standard. Why not see for yourself by viewing our portfolio?

What are the benefits of virtual tours?

Virtual Tours always generate considerable interest and offer a dramatic first impression to visitors on your website. They allow visitors to get a sense of the layout of a venue, which is impossible to achieve with photographs alone.

How will I integrate the tours onto my website?

It is best if you discuss this with the photographer, as he will know what is best for your situation.

How long will it take to shoot the tours?

Each tour takes about 20 minutes to shoot.

What other venues have you done virtual tours for?

We have completed Virtual Tours for luxury hotels, self-catering apartments and unique wedding venues, to name but a few! Why not view our portfolio to see the quality of our work?

How much does a virtual tour cost?

The cost is dependent on the number of tours required. If you want a number of tours then the cost will reduce, and could be as little as £25 per tour. Why not contact Revolve for a free quote!?

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When can you come and take the virtual tour?

The photographer is available most days of the week. If you want a virtual tour outside then he may be available to come at short notice when the weather is at its best. To find out available dates please contact us. 

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What is an interface?

An interface is an interactive floor plan. We can create a floor plan of your venue, which can be used in conjunction with the virtual tours. Visitors will then be able to easily move between the different areas in your venue.